Random Factoid #367

30 07 2010

Christopher Nolan inspired me to a personal first today during my second viewing of “Inception.”  I took notes during the movie.

That’s right.  I took notes.

As I’ve been saying for the past two weeks, I’ve been hesitant to embrace a theory until I had seen the movie again.  I find myself still a little befuddled as to how everything happens, but what happened was definitely a lot clearer.  It was clear enough, in fact, that I was able to formulate my own theory as to what could be happening in the movie.  I’m not sure if it’s entirely valid, yet it’s a theory nonetheless.  I’ll throw it after a jump so an unsuspecting visitor doesn’t find that they’ve had the ending of the summer’s most talked about movie ruined for them.

So needless to say, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS after the cut.

First, here are the notes I took.  They are incredibly rough since I wrote them as the movie was going on, so forgive me if everything doesn’t quite make sense.  Everything is exactly as I typed it on my iPhone.

Saito touches totem at beginning – irrelevant?

Do you dream mr cobb – no answer

Maybe you don’t believe in one reality anymore – choose me

Childrens faces – cobbs totem?

Age discrepancy – dream!?

Cobb wakes up without seeing how the other dream ended

Airplane another dream layer?

And here’s the theory that I’ve formulated about what exactly is happening in “Inception” – Cobb’s kids are his totem.  That’s why he never wanted to look at them; he didn’t want to blur the real world and the dream world.  When he gets back to the kids at the end and sees their faces, that means everything else had been a dream and he is back in reality.  The top does fall.  (NOTE: I observed that the top never wobbled in the dream like it did in the end.)

The main reason I hesitate to claim the theory as the answer to the mystery of “Inception” is because I feel everything being just a dream would be too simple for Nolan.

And here are some interesting “Inception” tidbits that you might enjoy:

Oh, and while we are on the topic of dreams, I had a nightmare last night.  Christopher Nolan had died.  And then I woke up … (I hope someone appreciates the reference here.)



6 responses

31 07 2010

“Everything is exactly as I typed it on my iPhone.”

This means that you had your phone on during the screening, shining a light for all to see? Bad, bad moviegoer.

Interesting theory, to be sure…

31 07 2010

There was no one behind me, so people would have to look back to be disturbed! That’s the beauty of the 12:45 showing.

But I get what you’re saying; I’m breaking my own rules. I get pretty upset when I see phone lights during a movie.

31 07 2010

That music thing. That just blew my mind! I don’t why!

31 07 2010

Music thing is awesome. The theory about the kids is interesting, but I’m too exhausted to entertain anymore possibilities.

2 08 2010
Aiden R

I’m with Simon/Ripley, I could spend an epic amount of time dissecting this, but unlike Memento where I watched it twenty-some-odd times to break it all down, I’m kinda just happy leaving the mystery as is. Don’t want to give myself a seizure anyway.

8 08 2010

Never thought of the kids being totems before. Verrrrrry interesting says I.

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