Random Factoid #368

31 07 2010

One year ago today, I ran Random Factoid #3.  That seems like a long time ago, at least for me.  Back then, the factoids were all about me, me, me, and not the movies.  Here’s some of what I wrote:

My theater of choice is the Edwards Greenway Grand Palace 24 in Houston, Texas. It opened in 1999, and I frequent it because it is close to my house and it is always clean. The theater is now owned by the Regal Entertainment Group, which thankfully offers a rewards program for frequent guests called the Regal Crown Club. Points are awarded for each dollar spent on tickets and concessions, with occasional bonuses thrown in every once in a while. My family got the card in late 2004, and as of this posting, we have accumulated 2,156 points. And I have only been to the theater a handful of times in the past year.

I figured now would be as good a time as ever to unveil how many points I have now with a year of blogging under my belt.

I have … 2,647 points, a whopping 491 points more than this time last year.  That includes some bonus points thrown in there, but that’s at least several hundred dollars spent on the movies.  It’s a costly habit we have, isn’t it?



One response

8 08 2010

I would hate to see how much money I have spent at the theaters. But to balance it out, I rarely ever buy a DVD unless it’s part of a 4 or 5 for $20 package at Blockbuster. And I rent from Netflix, so that saves money on renting, even if I do have the same three movies from December (yay for Instant Play!!).

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