Shameless Advertisement #17 – August 2010

1 08 2010

I’m going to be doing something a little different with the shameless advertisement from now on.  Since I use it to kick off every month, I thought it would be a great podium to announce what’s coming up on “Marshall and the Movies” as well.

So with that being said, here’s what the readers want to see in August: “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.”  With six votes, it dominated the field, only receiving competition from “Step Up 3” (one vote).  Here’s what I wrote about the comic-book adaptation of a different color in my August preview post and the trailer:

And then aiming somewhere in between [men and women] is “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” a different kind of comic book movie. The usual hero is someone awesome; here, the hero is pathetic Michael Cera fending off seven evil ex-boyfriends of his new girlfriend. Anna Kendrick makes an appearance in the movie in some aspect, so that’s probably enough to get me to see it. Don’t be surprised if this is an out-of-nowhere smash hit. The style looks pretty irresistible.

As for “Marshall and the Movies,” here’s what you can expect in August:

  • The launch of my podcast! It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve been looking for the right time to get it up and going.  No permanent rhythm (or even temporary rhythm) has been established for the podcast yet, nor has a name been selected either.  But I can tell you this: I will be hosting guests from some of my favorite podcasts to debate the Oscar nominees from the 2000s.  Look for it in the back half of the month.
  • The return of the “Save Yourself” series! It always managed to get pushed to the bottom of my “TO WRITE” list, but after three months away, it’s time for “Save Yourself” to make its triumphant return.  The first will be … brace yourselves … a MAJOR Oscar nominee.  What could it be?  Find out … August 8.
  • Comedy week! Leading up to the last big release of the summer season, the Drew Barrymore/Justin Long comedy “Going the Distance,” I’m going to be doing a big week of reviews covering the comedic releases of 2010 so far, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.  There will be some surprises, as some I have found great and others just miserable.  This marathon week of comedy begins August 21.
  • More Marshall and Julie! The series that really serves as my 13-day response to “The Origins Project” that I created continues into August.  It will wrap up on August 9 with an afterword to come at a date to be announced.
  • More Oscar Moments! With the field getting set for film festivals in Venice, Toronto, and New York, it’s time to get serious about the Oscar season!  I’m looking now to sort out the frivolous from the contenders.  Is “The Social Network” the real deal?  Is “Eat Pray Love” meant to be taken seriously?  What’s going on with “The Town?”  That and more in this month’s Oscar Moments.
  • No more “Inception” talk … just kidding! The “Classics Corner” series will take a look at some movies that influenced Christopher Nolan’s tale of the subconscious.  Look for that coming up in a week or so.

But we can’t quite leave July behind either!  Here are the results of the commenting contest from July.  With a whopping 324 comments, it was a banner month for “Marshall and the Movies,” doubling the amount from April when I ran my last contest.  So thanks to everyone who helped make July so great!

Rather than make the contest random like April, July’s contest was just based on the numbers.  First, second, and third prizes are as followed.

3rd place goes to … Aiden R of “Cut the Crap Movie Reviews” with 18 comments!  I didn’t think I would have a third place, but I just won a giant “Salt” poster (or should I say, Angelina Jolie poster) at an advanced screening that I’m looking to dump.  And while I’m at it, I’ll throw in another poster from my closet at no additional charge.  Of course, if this doesn’t appeal to him, I can gladly call up the fourth place finisher.

2nd place goes to … Red of “Anomalous Material” with 19 comments!  He wins a $10 gift card, which I sure hope he enjoys to use on whatever he desires.

1st place goes to … Simon/Ripley of “Four of Them” with 29 comments!  A repeat winner … unbelievable.  She wins a poster from a Christopher Nolan movie of her choice.

So congratulations to all the winners, thanks to everyone who commented, and have a great August both at the movies and here at “Marshall and the Movies.”



5 responses

1 08 2010

Scott Pilgrim may be geeky, but I’m jazzed for it. I’ll catch a matinee before heading back to the university.

1 08 2010

Congrats to all the winners! I did not even know there was a contest going on 😦

1 08 2010

I intentionally underhyped it to see how much good content would increase commenting – my experiment worked!

And if it makes you feel any better, you were very, very close to winning.

2 08 2010
Aiden R.

Whoa, I totally won something! Booyah! Think I might have to pass on the Salt poster though, man. Pretty much used up the last of my wall space in the apartment this past weekend on a bookshelf :(. Just out of curiosity though, what posters are in that closet of yours? Thanks a mil all the same!

8 08 2010

Darn you Army training. You cost me a Christopher Nolan poster!!!

I vow not to lose the competition this month.

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