LAMB Alert: Julianne Moore “Acting School”

3 08 2010

Thanks to “The Kids Are All Right,” I’m going through a HUGE Julianne Moore phase right now.  I’ve been making an effort to see all her major roles, especially the Oscar-nominated ones, since seeing the movie.

And I also had the added motivation of the LAMB Acting School’s spotlight on Moore.  As usual, I submitted my reviews on Julianne Moore – three from recent reviews and three from the “F.I.L.M. of the Week” series.  If you aren’t done celebrating Moore like I’m not done, then be sure to check out this great event.  Hopefully the celebration last until Oscar night … fingers crossed!

Large Association of Movie Blogs

Here’s what I reviewed/submitted:
Boogie Nights
Far from Heaven
Children of Men
A Single Man
The Kids Are All Right



6 responses

4 08 2010

I’m glad that you are loving her as much as I am. I was going to review more of her less than impressive film, but I had eight to submit. That was enough. I forgot to submit my review of “I’m Not There”. She was barely in it. Oh, well.

5 08 2010

Yeah, when I did my IMDb search of her filmography, I had totally forgotten she was even in it. I haven’t seen much of her older stuff, but I sure did try before the event – just ran out of time. Grr.

5 08 2010

The first movie I saw her in was Nine Months with Hugh Grant, Joan Cusack and Tom Arnold. I used to love that film. I think my film snob privileges would be revoked. It’s pretty good fluff now.

5 08 2010

That’s been on HBO a whole lot recently … so not worth checking out?

5 08 2010

You should see it anyway to see how far she has come.

9 11 2010

I love Julianne!!! I so she’ll get an Oscar for The Kids are all Right.
You can read my review here, by the way

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