Random Factoid #373

5 08 2010

I’ve left out a pretty significant part of my summer experience on the blog.  Sure, I’ve seen plenty of movies, but there’s something much more important going on at my house.

At the end of June, my dog (a miniature schnauzer) had six adorable little puppies.  So my family has been very busy taking care of them, spending much of our day – and night – making sure that they get enough food, that they have fresh paper, and what not.

Cinematic connection – I promise.  I’m a huge sucker for dog movies, and so is America ($144 million for “Marley & Me” doesn’t lie).  Even though I know that the dog will always die at the end, I still watch and usually cry, given that the movie is good enough.

I know why it is that we love these movies.  Dogs teach us so many lessons, such as how to be unconditionally faithful to someone. (I’ve been watching “Mad Men” recently and everyone on that show could watch a few dog movies.)  They also teach us responsibility and how to take care of someone (something everyone in “Precious” could have used).  And they also teach us that life is temporary, so we must appreciate it while it lasts.

That being said, I am going to enjoy these puppies for the three weeks until they go to their permanent homes.



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7 08 2010


I’m done.

7 08 2010

Two still for sale to a good home, although we’d definitely prefer to keep them in Houston so we can see them all the time. Trust me, after spending six weeks with them, you’d want to keep them close too.

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