“Inception” Poll Results

9 08 2010

It was almost unanimous.  So, so close.

Four weeks ago, when I featured “Inception” in an Oscar Moment, I left a simple poll at the bottom.  The question: “Inception for Best Picture?”

With 20 votes, a tremendous turnout for this site, I got a better read on people’s opinions that ever.  Thanks to all the voters!

95% of you think that “Inception” will be nominated for Best Picture.  That’s a giant portion.  I sure hope you’re on to something…

And then there was the one Debbie Downer who had to swoop in at the last minute and vote no.  To you, unknown voter, I’m rooting for you to be dead wrong.

So take that, backlash!  Onward to Oscar gold, “Inception” lovers!  (Someone come up with a sweet name for us, please!)



5 responses

10 08 2010

I can only hope the Academy agrees with us.

10 08 2010

Now the real question – will it endure its inevitable backlash in the fall to actually pull out a win? I’m thinking it hit is peak to early perhaps… Nothing against the movie, of course, I’m just thinking about the typical trajectory for a universally loved movie such as this…

10 08 2010

Ahaha that 1 vote wasn’t me 🙂

10 08 2010

It arrived early in the year for the next Oscars but I think it’s going to be in with a shout. Of course, there might be some great films released between now and then.

12 08 2010

Although I didn’t vote no, I hardly think that it’s a foregone conclusion that it will receive a Best Pic nom. Almost every tech award? Yes, but still very unsure about Best Pic.

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