Random Factoid #380

12 08 2010

Well, folks, it looks like I have just attended my last free movie screening of the summer.

These screenings are a luxury, and due to their mid-week timing, it’s certainly hard to make them work during the school year.  I have amassed quite a stash of promotional material this summer, some just from luck and others from skill.  Here’s a giant list of some of the prizes I’ve won:

  • A “Splice”-themed Drenvolution T-shirt
  • A “Toy Story 3” poster and Space Shooter Target Game (see Random Factoid #323)
  • A giant “Salt” poster and two smaller ones
  • A “Step Up 3D” T-shirt with a boombox on it
  • A “Dinner for Schmucks” bottle-opener along with other various prizes from the radio station sponsoring the screening
  • A whistle with “The Other Guys” written on the side, which I won for answering another Will Ferrell trivia question
  • A T-shirt for “The Other Guys,” which was too small so I promptly gave it away
  • 3 “Eat Pray Love” themed bookmarks
  • A giant “Eat Pray Love” poster and a smaller one
  • A women’s T-shirt with “Eat” written in pasta on the front, which I gave to my mother
  • A copy of “Eat Pray Love,” the book

It’s been a good summer, folks.  Maybe the quality hasn’t been there in spades, but I’ve been rolling in the merch..andise.



2 responses

13 08 2010

Why is it, the first thing people use to promote is T-shirts? Nobody’s gonna remember a T-shirt, nobody even looks at T-shirts (unless they’re those assholes who stop you in the street so they can read yours). What about, like, House of the Devil, where they released VHS tapes, or the whole red stapler thing?

13 08 2010

I’ve gotten an A-Team and Scott Pilgrim poster but thats it.

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