Random Factoid #386

18 08 2010

Last night, for my last movie of summer, I watched “Date Night.”  But not just “Date Night” – I watched the extended version.  This is a pretty big deal for me because I normally hate watching unrated and extended versions.

Way before I had a readership, I wrote this in Random Factoid #11:

I hate watching unrated cuts of movies.  I always want to see the theatrical cut because after seeing “Bruno,” I found out that anything can get an R-rating.  The director could include practically whatever he wanted, but there is a reason that he did not include it in the version that the masses go see.  So I figure that the rated version, while tamer, is probably what the director wanted you to see.

I have a feeling that the word “3D” is headed the way of the word “unrated.”  About a decade ago, “unrated” was something fairly unique.  Now it has become a marketing gimmick to make a little extra profit off some unsuspecting consumers.  See the correlation?

Why did I decided to give this extended edition, basically a tamer way of saying unrated, a whirl?  The theatrical cut of “Date Night” was so short that I wanted to see more.  And more I got.  Not sure if it was worth the 13 minutes of my sleep, but I still enjoyed some of the extra bits.



2 responses

18 08 2010

Now tell me then, so much has been said about Tina Fey and Steve Carell’s lack of chemistry as a married couple, but some of the scenes with the kids make me beg to differ – what are your thoughts??

18 08 2010

I just like the scenes where they argue about the most mundane, average stuff. I think my favorite moment in the movie is when Tina Fey stops in Times Square and asks, “What IS a flash drive?” The conversation/argument that ensues is like a page straight out of real life.

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