The Pushback

19 08 2010

"His last words to me ... disappointed."

It’s simply superhuman to meet every expectation that you set for yourself.  Eventually, we all come up short in some aspect.  Today, I have to inform you that I will not be meeting the deadline for some of the plans I laid out at the beginning of the month.

I said that in the first half of the month, I would post this month’s edition of “Classics Corner.”  But seeing as how that time has come and passed, I obviously already missed that.  It will be up soon, obviously sometime before the end of the month.

I also promised the premiere of my podcast towards the end of the month.  Unfortunately, due to the schedule of school and college application deadlines, that’s just not possible this month.  I hope to get started on recording them within the next week or two, maybe to get them up online by the end of September but hopefully October at the very latest.  For those who were holding their breath for that … well, hold a little longer.  It’s coming.  (And for those of you who replied to my email about participation in the podcast, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Anyone else interested can let me know … I still have plenty of open slots.)

And another pushback that is not my own fault – Warner Bros. moved “Going the Distance” back to September 3, a full week later than its original scheduled release date.  Since Hollywood marks Labor Day weekend as the official end of summer (although by that point, I will have been in school for three weeks), I figured I’ll push back my “Comedy Week” along with “Going the Distance.”  So rather than starting this Saturday, it will actually begin on Friday, August 27 with the “F.I.L.M.” highlighting an underrated comedy gem.

Sorry for the tardiness.  I hold myself to high standards, and it’s hard for me not to meet them.



One response

20 08 2010
Mad Hatter

It happens to all of us, so no worries.
Get to it when you get to it – we’ll all read, listen and love just as much as if it’d all happened on the schedule you wanted.

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