Random Factoid #397

29 08 2010

Is this a joke?

The Angelika Film Center, the biggest “art house” theater in Houston, unexpectedly shut its doors today.  Apparently it was plagued by problems with the landlord. Grrr.

With 8 screens, most of which were dedicated to independent cinema, it was definitely a huge resource as a blogger.  Now Houston, the fourth biggest city in the country, is left with 3 SCREENS to show independent movies (at the River Oaks Theater).  Please tell me I’m dreaming?!

I fully intend to write letters to theater owners in Houston telling them that they need to pick up some of the movies that the Angelika was going to show.  If I don’t get to see “I’m Still Here” or “The Tillman Story” because of the theater’s negligence, I will erupt like Vesuvius.  I’m already having nightmares of December whenever everyone else can see awards movies but Houston will have no screens to show them on!

I’m very distraught, as you can tell.  On a blogging level, this is like a death in the family.



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29 08 2010

My dad just told me about this. What a sad day. Angelika was my favorite theater here in Houston. Cheap Date Monday was always the best deal in town, and now I don’t know where we’ll be able to see independent films. Hopefully a lot of them will do what most of the IFC movies have been for the past few months and will get released On Demand. Pretty tragic. Hopefully they’ll relocate it.

30 08 2010

There is nowhere in my town to see movies like that. The closest one is a 25 minute drive away and you must be a friend of the museum to catch the screenings.

30 08 2010

Yeah, just be happy that there are still three screens that are dedicated to independent films. I’m actually surprised more of these haven’t dropped off at a higher percentage across the country.

31 08 2010
Chase Kahn

Wow, I can’t imagine. We have two Angelika Theaters here in Dallas (plus a Landmark Theater, The Magnolia) and I don’t know what I’d do without ’em.

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