“The American” Poll Results

9 09 2010

All I keep hearing about “The American” is that it got a D- CinemaScore average but still managed to take the #1 spot at the box office.  If that’s not a testament to how much America trust George Clooney, I don’t know what is.

Commercial success is nice (although being #1 in September is hardly anything to brag about); however, it doesn’t always mean that the Oscar love is going to start flowing.

In my Oscar Moment on the movie two weeks ago, I sold its awards case based on the respect for Clooney and director Anton Corbijn.  There weren’t any reviews out at the time of posting, but we know now that it hovers around 60%, which is nothing to scoff at by any means.  That’s not exactly prime Oscar territory when a movie isn’t very baity.

Seems like you all weren’t feeling particularly optimistic about the chances of “The American.”  60% said it was heading down the path to obscurity while 40% said it was heading to glory.  Based on the poor audience response and middling box office and critical reception, I’d say the readers are probably right today.

(P.S. – Take “The Social Network” poll … I want more votes for that one!)



2 responses

10 09 2010

Now what we need is a review.

10 09 2010

Hopefully I’ll get there this weekend…

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