Random Factoid #415

16 09 2010

Really, Casey Affleck?  Way to ruin my fun.

I was so excited to see “I’m Still Here,” the documentary on Joaquin Phoenix’s strange year of isolation, because I wanted to decide for myself if it was real or a joke and offer an opinion as to why I thought what I did.  But now, I have been robbed of that chance as director Casey Affleck has decided to spill the beans that it actually was a mockumentary, a piece of performance art not meant to be taken literally.

“I’m Still Here” opens today in Houston, and now I really have no desire to spend $10 to see it.  Knowing that it’s a big joke ruins the fun, and it’s really no different than unleashing a spoiler (which I HATE, see Random Factoid #276).  The movie’s secret is out of the bag, and everything has changed.

Has anyone else had their moviegoing desires changed by knowing certain details about a film?



2 responses

18 09 2010

It still works as a piece on the way the media handles celebrities.

18 09 2010

Yeah, I’m not really sure if this really spoils anything.

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