Random Factoid #416

17 09 2010

What happened to bonus features?  Seriously.

They used to be my favorite part of buying DVDs when I was eight or nine.  I would shell out $20 for Disney classics I didn’t really want to see that much just so I could watch the special features.  Mini-documentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes – I loved it all.  It was only about four or five years ago when I realized that all I actually wanted to see was the movie itself.

That transition in thought apparently came just in time because most studios don’t even include them on the discs anymore.  Anybody notice how even “Avatar,” the biggest movie of our time, didn’t even have a trailer?

Why is it that no one wants bonus features anymore?  I miss having them as an option when I want something more than a movie.  I don’t need a documentary as long as the movie itself like the Criterion Collection of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” but something would be nice!

Is anybody else up in arms about this new development?  Anybody with any insights on why they are gradually disappearing?



4 responses

18 09 2010

One of the reasons why I don’t feel bad about not buying dvds anymore.

19 09 2010

They do still make Bonus Features but they put them all on the BluRay versions now instead of the DVD. They’re using exactly the same selling point as they did to get people buying the new tech and funnily enough it’s working.
I don’t thinkg they’ve released Avatar in BluRay yet, but I have noticed with some other recent releases that the DVD has very few or no extras while the BluRay is loaded with commentaries and documentaries

19 09 2010

I know. I’m still a Blu-Ray skeptic … why are they hogging all my bonus features?!

19 09 2010

They’re saving the AVATAR Bonus Features for when the director’s cut comes out in November! It’s gonna be, like, a four disc thing, cuz, let’s be honest, there’s a ton of extras behind the making of that movie!

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