Random Factoid #417

18 09 2010

“A stage actor acts on a stage, but a screen actor doesn’t act on the screen. The stage actor just walks on by himself, but the screen actor is put on there by a projectionist.”

– Christoph Waltz, accepting his SAG award in January 2010

We weren’t meant to have the power of pause, rewind, and fast-forward if you really think about it.  When Thomas Edison invented the movies, he wasn’t foreseeing the invention of the BetaMax, the LaserDisc, the VCR, the DVD, the Blu-Ray Player, the free watching on Hulu, the iTunes rental, or the Netflix instant streaming.  As far as I am concerned, the movie was never meant to leave the hands of the projectionist.

Which is why I feel compelled, sometimes, to put the remote down and enjoy a movie start to finish without pausing – like it was meant to be enjoyed.  It’s like a trip back to the good old days.  Sure, we still do it in the theaters, but to go through a whole movie without pauses at home is bringing the theater one step closer to our home.

I regret to say that I often multitask during movies largely out of necessity, because I can’t afford to totally lose as much time as I spend watching movies.  But for some movies, I put down everything and just watch.  These are the movies that I like to call “the experience movies.”  They require you to put away all gadgetry and distractedness so that you can be fully engrossed.

Some movies I would say belong to this list are “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  Do you have a similar list?  If so, what’s on yours?



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