Random Factoid #422

23 09 2010

I do love musicals, and I sure have invested a lot of time into them over the past four years.  My production of “Godspell” is in 10 days, and I’ll also delve into “Fiddler on the Roof” later this year.

But away from my school, there are some interesting developments on Broadway with new musicals.  They are always looking for new source material, and the flavor of the moment is finding it in movies.  It was announced today that “Newsies,” a movie I have only heard of once or twice, will be adapted into a Broadway musical.  And in other news, “Catch Me If You Can” will apparently be making a similar transformation.

I’m in the camp that believes movies should stay on the screen.  They aren’t meant to have their plots stretched to maintain interest over two and a half hours, and they aren’t meant to have spontaneous musical breaks.  What ever happened to originality in writing musicals?  We claim that movies are bad about recycling; look no further than Broadway for someone doing it worse.  Name the last new musical based on an entirely original premise.  I can’t.

Case in point – “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”  It debuted to horrible reviews, got almost no Tony nominations, and is now destined to become an audition favorite for teenage girls with no idea of the classics that made the craft what it is.

Sigh.  The corruption of the beautiful art.



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24 09 2010

I am so with you on this one! I hate the trend for turning movie’s into musicals almost as much as the juke box musicals. (A greatest hits CD does not constitute a musical score.)
It just seems like laziness to me. Everyone got sick of people making unwanted sequels for popular movies so now they’ve decided to start selling them off to the theatres in the hope of making some money there. 99% of the time it doesn’t work.
I make only two exceptions. The first is for Lord of the Rings The Musical. When I first heard about it I was horrified. I thought it was the biggest travesty ever to hit the West End. But after much persuasion I started listening to the score and eventually went to see it. I think they worked hard to make something very different to the films, going back to the books rather than just copying what had already been done, and that’s why it works. Every other example I’ve seen or heard of seems to just be a cobbled together version with basically the same screenplay and some hastily written songs thrown in.
The other sucess story seems to be Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I haven’t seen this one, but the film was basically a musical to start with so it lends itself more easily to an adaptation and doesn’t feel so forced. When you’re dealing with a story abotu drag queens, it’s not like adding a few show tunes is going to make it too camp!

Did you know they’re making Shrek the musical? *shudder*

24 09 2010
Encore Entertainment

I thought Legally Blonde got like 6 or 7 tony nods. I heard one song, it was horrible and that was that.

25 09 2010

It might have been nominated, but I know it didn’t win.

And @Katie, there has ALREADY been a Shrek musical! I own the soundtrack as a matter of fact.

26 09 2010

Serious?! When did that happen and how did I miss it?

(Maybe I blocked it out)

24 09 2010
Stuart O'Quin

Wow, that is so awful. Whatever happened to that “Fight Club” musical that was the talk of the web a few years back? That would have been good for a few laughs at least.

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