Random Factoid #424

25 09 2010

Lindsay Lohan is back in jail – wait, just kidding, she posted bail and has now been sprung from the slammer!  The whole saga has gotten so out of hand, and I’ve quickly lost all respect for Lohan.  She needs to serve her entire sentence; I don’t care if she is a celebrity, a criminal is still a criminal!  She broke the law, and she ought to pay just like anyone else.

I don’t know why I feel so compelled to offer my thoughts on Lohan today.  I guess I just care about people, not celebrities.  It’s clear that she’s headed down the path to destruction, and buying her way out of prison and rehab isn’t going to help her at all.

I guess the overarching feeling that does tie this into the movies is that while I admire and love people who star in movies, I don’t think that by virtue of their work they are better people than us common folk.  They deserve to spend as much time in jail for drunk driving as any movie blogger.  We send politicians and executives to jail for extreme sentences; what makes movie stars more untouchable than them?



2 responses

28 09 2010

I agree. The drunk driver who killed the Angels pitcher was just convicted of murder instead of manslaughter because he had a previous DUI conviction and therefore understood the danger of drunk driving. Lindsay pleaded guilty to DUI and still doesn’t get it. She tweeted she’s ready to accept responsibility for failing her drug test, but this bitch move of an after-hours appeal to pay her way out shows she is still treating this like a game. Before now, I was still looking forward to her getting this behind her so she could get back to acting, because she’s actually pretty good and I was looking forward to seeing the Linda Lovelace biopic. Now I don’t think she deserves a second chance at reviving her career. – Terry

28 09 2010

I love her mug shots. Those drugs certainly aren’t treating miss Lohan’s system very well. She looks like she’s easily thirty-five sans makeup.

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