Random Factoid #431

2 10 2010

I have talked plenty about moviegoing pet peeves – so much, in fact, that it’s no longer worth it for me to link to the manifold other posts where I have ranted.  To assure myself that I’m not alone in being bothered by various things, I did a quickie Google search on “moviegoing pet peeves.”  Here’s someone from the California Literary Review (why on earth this post is there I have no idea) on a pet peeve of theirs that I hadn’t even thought about:

THE ONE WITH THAT GUY WHO DID THAT THING. This one isn’t regarding a theater experience, per se, but a type of moviegoer who can never seem to remember the name of a film or anyone who acted in it. “It’s that one where that guy did that thing with that other guy!” she says, staring at you like you know, that one! My generic response has become, “Oh yeah, where they did that one thing and that other guy came in and saved the day!” Perhaps this is a bit snarky, but usually the offender then provides the details needed.”

As someone who spends way too much time reading up about the movies and absorbing random facts that are virtually useless other than building up a repertoire of film knowledge, sometimes it gets tough taking my jargon down a few notches.  Not everyone is going to know who Andrew Garfield is; I’m going to have to say “Mark Zuckerberg’s friend that he double-crossed” for quite some time – or at least until Spider-Man comes out.

Does anybody else have this issue?



One response

4 10 2010
Mad Hatter

I go through it with my parents all the time as they try to explain to me what film they flipped to on TV that was half-over that they ended up liking.

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