“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” Poll Results

16 10 2010

Looks like we’ve got a hung jury.

Back in the beginning of September, I pondered Michael Douglas’ Oscar chances given all the sympathy stemming from his very public fight against cancer (and the fact that he was getting good notes).

Three people think Douglas could cash in on the sympathy and get a Best Actor nomination while three think he won’t.  I hesitate to publish a split vote, but it’s pretty much where I stand as well.  Given the movie’s lackluster box office showing and mediocre critical reception, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” doesn’t really seem to stand a chance.  But good performances have been nominated from sequels that didn’t light the world on fire – for example, Cate Blanchett for “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.”

So while a nomination isn’t out of the question, I’d say before precursors hit, it’s highly unlikely.



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