Random Factoid #451

22 10 2010

Dear Warner Bros.,

According to /Film, you are going to make a sequel to “Inception.”  That’s a poor decision.  If you ever want my business again, you will NOT make a sequel – especially not without Christopher Nolan, which you technically have the right to do.  This is not “The Land Before Time;” you cannot destroy it by making irrelevant sequels like that!

In fact, even if Christopher Nolan himself comes on board for the sequel, I’ll wonder to myself how much you paid him under the table.  This isn’t a movie that needs a sequel.  A new installment would just be shameless money-grubbing.  So be happy you got $300 million from a $175 million dollar production in the U.S. alone.  You’ve made enough money, now go find some other auteur and develop him to superstardom.  Leave Christopher Nolan alone!  There should be no reason for me to scream at you in veiled Chris Crocker references!




One response

31 10 2010

This is the first I’ve heard of this, and it’s rather upsetting that they’d want to do this, especially without Nolan. The only way I see Nolan revisiting this is if he gets to do this as a horror film as Inception was initially intended. Obviously the production cost would be a bit lower since horror films tend to cost significantly less than other features, and I wouldn’t expect near the box-office result.

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