Random Factoid #460

31 10 2010

Happy Halloween, everybody!  I broke the trend I described last Halloween (Random Factoid #95) and didn’t dress up as a movie character for my school’s Halloween dress-up day.  The costumes are just too expensive; $50 for the Spock costume last year was awfully steep.  So I decided to be creative and be a teacher, and it turned out pretty well.

I guess one cinematic Halloween tie-in I could provide today was back in 2nd grade, I won a pumpkin decorating contest for my Grinch-inspired pumpkin.  My dad helped me spray paint it green, and then we stuck a Santa hat on it and called it art.  (This was just a few weeks before the Jim Carrey movie came out, to put this in a historical context).

But as for pumpkin decorating, I think you all would probably be more interested in this:

Have fun trick or treating – or just answering your doorbell!



One response

2 11 2010

Good on you, then. Buying costumes is cheating.

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