Random Factoid #473

13 11 2010

Well, that was quick.

According to Vulture, only a month after the Chilean miners were freed from being trapped underground for 69 days, there is already a movie completed on the situation.

“The first movie about the Chilean miners, Antonio Recio’s ‘The 33 of San Jose,’ is completed and looking for distribution. The movie started filming just five days after the miners were safely rescued. It stars 32 Chileans and a Bolivian, was shot in part on location near where the miners were trapped, and will use real news footage.”

That’s an impressive turnaround, but surely I can’t be the only one crying “too soon!”  Heck, five years after 9/11, people were protesting the release of “United 93” and “World Trade Center.”  Granted this is an entirely different story since the outcome is positive, but a month is no time at all to film and complete a feature-length movie.

In my mind, this is too soon because the greater impact of these miners being trapped underground without contact with the human world makes for one of the most fascinating psychological experiments the world has ever seen.  A movie this soon will be rather shallow and ignoring the greater implications that this crisis carries.  So sometimes, sooner isn’t better.



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