Random Factoid #479

19 11 2010

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new pairing of legendary director and actor to make every pundit go “Oscar winner in 2 years.”  Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood for “Invictus” was an example of just such a pairing.

Now it’s Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, one of the most well-respected figures in American history, in Steven Spielberg’s long-delayed biopic “Lincoln.”  Liam Neeson was the original pick for the role, but due to scheduling and his eventual aging, he dropped out of the project.  Both are incredibly capable actors who would do a great job in the role, but there’s one issue I have – neither are American!

I hardly think ethnic casting is an issue for something as simple as American/British actors, as they cross over accents and nationalities with ease.  But when it comes to playing, in my mind, the greatest American in our history, I would think an American would be cast.  Not to say that Day-Lewis can’t, with the proper amount of research, know what a crucial role Lincoln plays in our history, but he won’t have the same passion as an American.

What do you think?  Should Abraham Lincoln be played by a non-American?



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21 11 2010

I don’t think it really matters. American actors take roles that should theoretically belong to other nationalities all the time. I mean, the movie “Troy” was a bunch of Americans and Australians pretending to be ancient Greeks. The movie “Valkyrie” was a bunch of brave Germans played by Americans and Brits. It has to go both ways.

22 11 2010

Harry made an excellent point. Also, “American” is a very very broad term.

22 11 2010

I see the point in both of your arguments, but it just strikes me as a little strange that someone playing one of the great heroes of the United States is not being played by a fellow countryman. Then again, Morgan Freeman did just play Nelson Mandela…

23 11 2010
James D.

No one gives more to a role than Daniel Day-Lewis. He will be better than any American could be.

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