Random Factoid #480

20 11 2010

I have seen “127 Hours” – finally!  So now I can finally share my thoughts on the amputation scene that has caused more than a handful of people to faint!

To answer your first question, thank you, I didn’t pass out!  I was able to take it, flinching a little bit but never shutting my eyes.  There were quite a few people who screamed, though, and I heard a couple of ladies yelling “oh, Lord!” behind me.  But that’s not the behavior I want to talk about.

What I want to talk about is at the end of the scene – that is, when it is finished – the person next to me laughed.  For about 30 seconds.  While the rest of the theater was in total shock, all of us with our jaws about to hit the floor, he felt the need to laugh.  His behavior was totally inappropriate, and it ruined (or at least dampened) the emotional impact of the scene.  I know I say “I can’t stand” a lot of things about going to a movie like crying babies or odorous people, but this may require a second viewing to get the moment right.

Has anyone else had a movie ruined by an ill-timed outburst?



2 responses

23 11 2010

I’ve seen “127 Hours” twice now. No fainting, screaming, or inappropriate laughing in either screening. Danny Boyle was at one of the screenings and he said, as far as the amputation scene is concerned, you can see worse in “Jackass 3D.” The scene that bothered me more was /* spoiler alert */ when he drinks his urine. /* end spoiler */

As far as ruined moviegoing experiences go, when I first saw “Titanic” it was raining very hard and they stopped the film just as Jack and Rose were racing to the stern. Then an usher announced that the parking lot was flooded and cars were floating away and they’d give us time to move our cars if we needed to. They didn’t have a PA, so people in the back didn’t hear and thought the theatre was flooding and they were so caught up in the movie that there was a minor panic. It was actually quite amusing, but now I can’t watch the movie without remembering that when it gets to that scene.

– Terry

24 11 2010

You were at a screening with Danny Boyle?!?!?! I’m insanely jealous … I’d cut off my arm to have that opport – oh, wait. Ill-timed joke.

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