Random Factoid #485

25 11 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Hope you all are having some nice, relaxing time with friends and family – and, of course, EATING!  PopEater posed the question three weeks ago of what celebrity you would want to spend Thanksgiving with, and I gave this a lot of thought.  I translated it into cinematic form, and the question I wound up asking myself was, “What movie family would I want to spend Thanksgiving with?”

Since Thanksgiving is a holiday all about family togetherness and eating, I figure I would have to pick a family that ate heartily and without shame.  So, if I was going to spend Thanksgiving dinner with one family, it would clearly be …

The Klumps! They sure can argue, but I feel like they would put it aside on Thanksgiving Day and just feast.

Who would you want to spend Thanksgiving with?



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