Random Factoid #488

28 11 2010

I realize that I am totally powerless to do anything about this issue, but that won’t stop me from voicing my opinion.

It’s such a nuisance when I’m at a movie and can hear what’s playing in the theater next to me.  This is mainly a problem when I’m seeing quieter movies like comedies or dramas and next door there’s an action movie playing, which always promises plenty of loud bangs and explosions.  If I pay for a movie, I want to see AND hear just what I paid for, not what someone else paid for.

So I guess this really only goes out to builders of new movie theaters: make your walls THICKER and more soundproof!  Not that anyone’s making them in this economy…

P.S. – Make the new theaters look like this!

P.P.S. – RIP Leslie Nielsen.



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