Random Factoid #490

30 11 2010

Cinematical reported an interesting tidbit: in a few years, new audiences won’t see “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” as a fantasy but rather as realism!  Here’s how:

Time reports that researchers at Johns Hopkins University think that by removing proteins from the brain’s fear center, they can permanently erase memories. This isn’t to stylishly morph memories at the whim of the rich, but rather “to enhance behavioral therapy for such conditions as post-traumatic stress disorder.”

In other words, they are developing a targeted memory erasure program similar to what creepers like Mark Ruffalo and Elijah Wood ran on Jim Carrey!  I really hope the people that market this technology don’t try to sell it using “Eternal Sunshine” because I sure as heck didn’t want to go erase someone from my memory after watching that movie.  There was almost a sort of cautionary tale nestled inside that script, particularly through the theme of destiny.  We are meant to meet who we meet and have the experiences that we have for a reason, and there’s no way to escape that.

So you will not find me signing up for permanent memory loss … even if Clementine Kruczynski was there.



2 responses

2 12 2010
James D.

Meanwhile, we are five years away from Back to the Future II and our cars are still on the road.

2 12 2010

I could never participate in that. It really removes an element of being human.

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