Random Factoid #494

4 12 2010

It’s Christmas time, and that means it’s time for “Elf” and “Home Alone” to come back on TV again!  Oh, wait – HBO has been playing “Home Alone” all year long.  Being such a classic of my childhood (and always fun to watch as it awakens your inner sadist), I can’t resist indulging myself time after time watching it.

Way back when in Random Factoid #26, I said that “The Little Rascals” was that movie that I know line for line.  But watching “Home Alone” for the first time this holiday season reminded me of a different sort of feat I have achieved.  While I may not know every line in the movie (thanks to the beginning section that I usually skip), I know just about every noise that Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) make when they move through Kevin McAllister’s death tap of a house.  Every grunt, scream, and mutter – the length, the volume, the syllables.  Everything.  That’s impressive, if I do say so myself.

P.S. – Speaking of “Elf,” check out the Moviegoer’s Challenge I made back in 2003 when I was obsessed with the movie.  I posted it on Random Factoid #126 to kick off December 2009, and it has since become my second most-viewed post of all-time (behind the review of “Paranormal Activity”).  So I kindly invite you to take part in the holiday festivities that so many of my readers have engaged in.  300 people can’t be wrong.



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