Random Factoid (500)

10 12 2010

Notice the stylistic change?  Not very subtle, I know, but I can scarcely contain my enthusiasm because today is my (500)th day of blogging!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!

How did I celebrate?  A MATH MIDTERM!!!  Just kidding, that’s what I had to do.  I celebrated the day at a Secret Santa dinner for my select choir group, a second viewing of “Black Swan” on its Houston general release, and something I’ve been planning almost since my blog started: watching “(500) Days of Summer” on my (500)th day of blogging!

I first saw the movie about four days before I started blogging, and it was the second review I wrote on the site.  In my overwhelmingly positive statement of love, I said:

“One of the things that sets the movie apart is its depiction of events: they are presented in a non-linear fashion. This allows the audience to really feel the up and down nature of their relationship and to know that anything can happen next, a luxury that romantic comedies can rarely provide its viewers. Deschanel, who most audiences will remember as Will Ferrell’s love interest in ‘Elf,’ plays Summer with the right balance of warmth and bitterness. She plays hard-to-get but also projects Summer’s need to be loved at the same time. Gordon-Levitt, who is perhaps best known for his work on the TV show ‘Third Rock from the Sun,’ has puzzled moviegoers with his selection of films over the years, choosing some off-kilter dramas (I do recommend you check out ‘The Lookout,’ one of his finest during this spell). This seems to be more familiar and comfortable territory for him, though, and I hope that he chooses more movies like this. He plays Tom with such irresistible charm that you yearn over his heartbreak and you cheer with his successes, especially when they break out into music and dance numbers to Hall and Oates (Gordon-Levitt is a surprisingly good dancer).”

I’m pretty much obsessed with this movie, and it was so nice to sit down and watch the whole thing for once.  I’ve been watching it in bits and pieces on HBO and Cinemax, but only watching it from start to finish can I really appreciate how wonderful and unique the movie really is.

So thanks to everyone who has supported me in my first (500) days of blogging because I couldn’t have done this by myself.  As for the next (500), who knows what’s coming?



2 responses

11 12 2010


And yes, it is a great film. Epic, in fact.

11 12 2010

Happy 500th birthday (or whatever)…and Black Swan able-to-seeing…and style changing…and, uh, mathing…

Man, that would be really hard to say if we lived in England.

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