Random Factoid #512

22 12 2010

Prepare yourself for “Little Fockers.”

Currently sitting at an impressive 9% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes (50% better than better than “The Last Airbender,” if you’re looking for a comparison), the movie still looks to drain the most money out of the pockets of holiday moviegoers.  This isn’t going to drive them away, or me away, for that matter.  I accept the fact that it could be horrific with open arms in the hopes of sharing a fun, laughter-filled evening with an auditorium full of total strangers.

But that 9% doesn’t exactly reassure me.  Does it ultimately affect me?  No, but it makes an impact, especially for movies that I’m on the fence about seeing.  Case in point: “Burlesque,” which made a really poor critical showing.  I skipped it as a result.

So, what about you? Is there a point that a movie becomes too poorly-reviewed to see?  Are their certain movies you consider to be “critic-proof?”



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