Random Factoid #513

23 12 2010

And I thought subliminal advertising was supposed to be illegal…

According to a report from Cinematical, advertisers have taken a page out of “Inception” and taken their game to the next level: entering the world of the mind.  A few decades ago, subliminal advertising did such things, but in 2010, they are taking it to new heights never before seen (and that quite frankly shouldn’t be seen either).

They have figured out a way to display their logo WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES.  In other words, if you sit down in a movie theater before the trailers, there is no place you can hide from their advertising.  These aren’t marketing tactics so much as they are terror tactics.

“Using pioneering new ‘flash projection’ technology, BMW is testing a cinema spot in Germany that does not feature a visible logo. Instead, a bright photo flash occurs during the ad, and a few moments later the audience is asked to close its eyes.

At this point, the audience sees an after-image of the brand that has been created by the flash. The letters ‘BMW’ appear before them, in the same way that you might see a bright spot if you had been looking at the sun and then closed your eyes.

A company spokeswoman said, ‘We literally got inside people’s heads, involving them instead of boring them and generating a more intensive connection to our target group. Our brand should be innovative, emotional and dynamic.'”

So either you look at their ad or you are forced to watch a bright flash.  Either way, it’s going to have me looking for a way to TiVo the ads before the movies if it ever hits American soil.  This doesn’t feel interactive so much as it feels forced – and we are Americans, we are free!



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