10 for ’10: Movie Bloggers

25 12 2010

Catch up with the idea behind this series here.

Merry Christmas to all!  As I wrap up on this great day, I wanted to give thanks and celebrate all the many bloggers who have made the continued success (as I perceive it) of this blog.  So hopefully these ten sites that inspired me all year long like this last-minute gift under tree!  And for those of you looking for an extra gift, look here at these amazing sites (presented in alphabetical order)!

Anomalous Material

…because I’m consistently amazed by how well you manage to round up and unite the movie blogging community.  Bravo, take a bow.

Blog Cabins

…because I still have no idea how you do it all.

Central Florida Film Critic

…because I love reading someone with a totally different viewpoint than I have.  As Nietzsche wrote, “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently,” and I sure hold your views in high esteem.

Cut the Crap Movie Reviews

…because reading your reviews is like talking to that endlessly witty friend.  After reading just one review, I felt like I knew you.

The Dark of the Matinee

…because I feel smarter every time I read your blog.  So well organized and so well-written, a visit to your site is like a shot of envy.

Four of Them

…because you comment so much on my site that I have to go visit your site all the time.  But not to sound obliged, I enjoy the variety of content and your boldness in not following any rhythm or pattern but your own.

The List

…because every post of yours is so gosh darned hilarious that I check you first when I need any sort of comedic inspiration for anything I write.

M. Carter at the Movies

…because you have the boldness to put down what you love to do what you have to do.  I admire you so much for having your priorities in line, and if I am ever in your position, I hope I can handle myself with your grace.  I’m excited that you are back and can’t wait until you get the motor running full speed ahead once more.

Nevermind Pop Film

…because you like my posts!  Thank you for adopting the new technology … perhaps others will follow your lead.  Meanwhile, on your site, I get so much personality and so much variety.

Paragraph Film Reviews

…because I admire your conciseness and wish I could emulate you more often, as I tend to get awfully verbose at times.

Thanks to everyone who writes, reads, or comments!  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!




6 responses

26 12 2010
Mad Hatter

Aww shucks. Thanks a million, and a Happy Holidays right back at ya!

26 12 2010
James D.


I feel the same way. I read a film you praise or scorn, and I scratch my head, but it makes me keep coming back.

26 12 2010

Woohoo! We made the list. Very kind of you sir 🙂 Happy Holidays Marshall.

26 12 2010

If you want to call is ‘boldness’, and not, say, ‘laziness’, who am I to stop you?

26 12 2010

Going against the established order is always bold.

27 12 2010

Thanks for the kind words. I always feel appreciated here.

And one good turn deserves another

…because everytime I come to Marshall and the Movies I find a thorough and reverent review of a film that I haven’t gotten the chance to see yet.

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