Random Factoid #519

29 12 2010

How had I never noticed this, being the “Black Swan” fan that I am?  The original poster underwent a massive PhotoShop makeover to produce something entirely different!

It’s like one of those seek-and-find games in newspapers or magazines asking you to find the ten differences between the two pictures.  Here are some of the ones that I found.

  1. Eyes changed from dark red to a dark pink
  2. Eye makeup thinner, lighter shade of black
  3. Color of lips changed to a lighter shade of red
  4. Longer hairline
  5. Face made skinnier by airbrush
  6. Added shadow under chin
  7. Increased visibility of neck muscles
  8. Shoulders raised slightly
  9. Tiara more in focus
  10. Natalie Portman’s name billed above co-stars

In summary, it’s an increased emphasis on Natalie Portman.  The first poster made her look demented while the second one made her look beautifully demented.  It’s an attempt to sell the movie more on her, something Fox Searchlight is keen on doing in their ad campaign for the movie.  I’ve noticed that some critic called it a “wicked psychosexual thriller,” and in the ads, Fox has put the word psycho in smaller font so the casual reader will see “WICKED SEXUAL THRILLER.”  Curious move selling the movie as something a little different than what it is, but it’s clearly working.

(Thanks to this blog for having a nifty image pop up while I was doing a Google Image search for the movie.)



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