“How Do You Know” Poll Results

4 01 2011

We all make dumb predictions; it happens to everyone.  I called picking “How Do You Know” as one of my 10 predicted Best Picture nominees back in November one of my 10 dumbest of the year in my “10 for ’10” series.

Here’s how I stacked up the movie in my Oscar Moment back in November:

“I think comedy has some unfinished business with the Academy, and ‘How Do You Know’ could provide that perfect mixture of comedy and drama to score big with the voters.”

Well, the 36% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes didn’t do much for it, nor did the box office, which will struggle to top $30 million.  For a movie that cost over $100 million to make, this is not good.  The domestic grosses will be able to cover salaries for Reese Witherspoon ($15 million), Jack Nicholson ($12 million), and Paul Rudd ($3 million).

People didn’t think this could take a road worse than “Spanglish,” which made modest box office returns (about $55 million adjusted) in the same timeframe but no awards headway.  With less money in the bank and not even a Golden Globe nomination to its name, it appears that the only recognition “How Do You Know” will receive is going to



2 responses

9 01 2011
Steven Flores

Hi Marshall, I’m not a fan of James L. Brooks’ films as a director (though the only one I haven’t seen is “Broadcast News” which I heard is different from his other movies). I don’t really like to knock on someone who I feel is overrated but a $120 million rom-com with $30 million in marketing that became a flop is something to think about.

I have no plans to see it nor will I make an opinion on something I haven’t seen but why that much money to spend on a rom-com with $50 million on salaries?

I think Brooks deserves some blame for letting all of this happen along with the studios for not keeping track on the spending. I doubt it will get any awards. Still, I kind of feel bad for Brooks. Just because he’s the guy that gave the Wilson brothers, Wes Anderson, and Cameron Crowe their breaks.

10 01 2011

I think this is obviously a big lesson to the studios not to spend so much money on romantic comedies, which are rarely big hits and often big misses. Budgets this astronomically high really shouldn’t be approved, and I really don’t think a director deserves to make $10 million, nor do I believe that an actor in a supporting role should be able to receive $12 million. (And why the heck does Paul Rudd only get $3 million for being better than EVERYONE in the movie!?!)

And I love Brooks because “As Good As It Gets” is one of my favorites.

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