Random Factoid #527 / I’m a DC

6 01 2011

So Katie over at “Stories That Really Mattered” invited me to be a part of the meme called “I’m a Marvel, I’m a DC” (which should ring a bell from Mac/PC in your head).  I’m pretty noncommittal on the two comics powerhouses as I don’t read the books, and the movies just run together for me.

But, since she asked so nicely, I’ll make a commitment.  I’m a DC!!!

Why?  Three reasons.

  1. They had Heath Ledger.
  2. They have Batman and Christopher Nolan, who made “The Dark Knight,” the only comic-book movie worth talking about as anything other than a movie adaptation of a comic book.
  3. They have “Watchmen,” which was a pretty average movie, but a great graphic novel!  I only read it thanks to the movie, TIME magazine, and a friend’s recommendation, but I certainly did enjoy it.  I don’t know if I’ll ever read another one again, yet I certainly was enriched by reading an entirely different kind of literature.

So there.  Those are my reasons.  Take that, Spider-Man!  Turn off THAT dark!



3 responses

7 01 2011
Chris Luby

I’m DC for movies and Marvel for the actual books. Dunno why that is, just how it goes.

7 01 2011

That doesn’t seem too far-fetched; I’d say that DC generally hires better directors that can take the comics to more ambitious places.

8 01 2011
Chris Luby

Also what it comes down to for me is that marvel takes place in our universe. New York City, LA, Etc. and DC has us in cities like Metropolis and Gotham.

Comics are easier to digest when I have an understanding of the universe before. Then all I have to think about are the characters.

But having a grand world with no restrictions like Gotham makes one heck of a movie universe.

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