Random Factoid #533

12 01 2011

I like to think that movies leave a metaphorical mark on me, and I really have no desire to make the mark physical.  I have plenty of T-shirts and movie gear, including posters and promo items, if I ever feel the need to externalize my love.

With that being said, if I ever hint at getting a tattoo to permanently ink my love, STOP ME!  I obviously wouldn’t get a “Twilight” tattoo, but if I were ever to get some sort of dream layers tattoo from “Inception” or a Natalie Portman tattoo, digitally slap me.

Further commentary on this picture: did she even think about how gross that’s going to get when she ages?



2 responses

14 01 2011
Frank Mengarelli

To tell you a secret, I have the logo of the Criterion collection tattooed on my chest. I do have a personally designed TRON light cycle tattoo of a yellow and blue streaked grid that I want to get as a half sleeve. I just have a thing for tattoos I suppose.

I would poke fun at the “Twighlight” tattoo, but then again, I’m considering a “TRON” inspired half sleeve. And least she and I could both cover them up. That’s got to count for something right?

14 01 2011
Frank Mengarelli

Also, imagine how much money that tattoo must have cost? Sheeeeesh.

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