Random Factoid #541

20 01 2011

I think it’s interesting to see a movie like “Black Swan” hitting the mainstream consciousness so  dramatically.  Since I’ve been singing its praises ever since I saw it back in early November, my friends knew me as “the Black Swan guy” and have thus heard many differing reactions to the movie.

Some have told me that they loved it.  Some have told me that they were dazzled but were too terrified to enjoy it.  Some have told me they were so creeped out that they couldn’t even watch.  Among my parent’s friends, I’ve heard reactions ranging from obsession to walk-outs.  I really LOVE when a polarizing movie like this comes along because it makes cinema a centerpiece for discussion.  “Why do you hate it?” one person asks, only to hear the retort, “how can you love it?”  When everyone loves a movie, things can get kind of boring.

If you have any doubts that there are a wide gamut of reactions to the film, go see it at night and listen at key points in the movie.  Hear cringes, cheers, screams, and cat calls during the steamy sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.  Hear laughs and screams during some of the dialogue.  Hear terror or scared whispers during some of the grotesque physical transformation scenes.  A post on The Envelope got it right here:

“It was just before 10 p.m. on a Wednesday night in Los Feliz, and the assorted filmgoers that had gathered to see “Black Swan” sounded as if they were attending different movies.

Nas Moinee, 23, had come for the dancing and the costumes and was dreading the film’s scares. Peter Garcia, a longhaired, ball-cap-wearing 12-year-old attending with his mother, said he was looking forward to jumping out of his seat at the movie’s spooky scenes.

And while Shawna Joplin, 28, had bought a ticket because she heard about a bravura performance from star Natalie Portman, her companion, Greg Richmond, 32, came because his friends told him about an explicit sex scene between Portman and costar Mila Kunis. “This movie’s about ballet?” he said. He didn’t seem to be joking.”

What about YOU?  Being a movie lover, do you relish the opportunity for a polarizing movie to sweep the nation?



2 responses

21 01 2011

I can see why it’s gotten as popular as it’s gotten, and I do believe Portman deserves the Best Actress Oscar, but I thought the movie was silly and overwrought and should have been even more of a horror movie. Still, it took guts to even make something like this. I can grudgingly respect it as an audacious piece of filmmaking, but I can’t love it.

23 01 2011

Yes, if only because such movies offer us glimpses into the minds of the average moviegoer. Which actually makes me want to switch that to a “no”. I guess I don’t really care what, say, Greg Richmond thinks about a movie like Black Swan but I do appreciate a movie that’s polarizing amongst cineastes– I can actually get something out of that.

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