“The Way Back” Poll Results

21 01 2011

“The Way Back” opens nationwide today with no Oscar buzz to bolster box office numbers.  Given the tough subject material – an escape from a Siberian goulag and the long, dangerous walk home – Newmarket probably should have released this earlier.  But they opted for the qualifying run strategy, which worked for “The Last Station” in 2009.

However, it doesn’t look like it will pan out for Peter Weir’s movie for any nominations, least of all Best Picture.  There is no indication that much love for this movie exists at all – no critics listed it, and no guilds have shown support.  Heck, it’s entirely possible that most of the Academy voters haven’t even seen the movie.

The results from the poll I placed on the Oscar Moment back in November don’t seem to echo the obvious truth about the movie now.  Both voters (as in two) said they think the movie would be nominated for Best Picture.  I think that only in an incredibly dark horse scenario would that happen.



One response

22 01 2011
Steven Flores

I think it’s a damn shame it didn’t get a wider release in December. Especially with a name like Peter Weir who has made great films. I’m going to see this sometime within the week just to support it now matter how mixed the reviews are. It’s Peter Weir and he’s a director that needs more love.

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