Random Factoid #555

3 02 2011

5-5-5.  Super cool.

Anyways, to actual factoid business now, can you spot a bad movie from the advertising? /Film linked to an Internet user who thinks he can: it’s the bold, red, uppercase fonts.

The response to this graphic came quickly and swiftly though, showing that it’s dangerous to overgeneralize:

I don’t really judge by the poster, as often times they aren’t exactly indicative of the quality of a movie.  Case in point: “The King’s Speech.”  The first poster is a hideous composition of three heads that doesn’t tell you anything about the movie, yet it does scream “THIS IS A BRITISH COSTUME DRAMA.  YOU SAW THIS MOVIE FOUR YEARS AGO WHEN IT WAS CALLED ‘THE QUEEN.'”  But the second poster, with its off-centered shot of Bertie, captures the movie’s slightly tweaked take on the historical biopic.

If anything, I have learned to avoid movies based on their trailers.  Nowadays, studios tend to throw their best jokes and one-liners in the trailer.  So if those falter, then the movie is usually a total dud.  I also tend to get pretty skeptical when I get a huge laugh out of the trailer because if that’s the best, then whats left?

But, all in all, it just goes to show you that you can’t judge a movie by its poster – but maybe you can by its trailer…



One response

10 02 2011

Maybe the first guy should revise his rule to include font type. The above ones all seem to use this low-stylized font, I forget the name of it. Helvetica, maybe?

And I’m pretty sure the one for the Graduate is a newer poster.

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