REVIEW: Life As We Know It

27 06 2011

It took me four days to finish the crummy dram-rom-com “Life As We Know It.”  Translation: I fell asleep watching it not once, not twice, but THREE times.  So not only is it bad, but it’s agonizingly boring.  Give me corny and derivative before boring because at least those movies are bearable.

The movie isn’t even worth me doing a Wikipedia search to be reminded of the plot and the characters.  From what I can remember, it revolves around the misadventures of Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel trying to take care of a baby, and they are totally incapable of doing so.  They aren’t married; they aren’t even together – it was some sort of cruel joke in the will of their mutual friends.  It’s a good thing they get to play repulsion most of the time because Heigl and Duhamel have about as much chemistry as a toilet seat and a pair of butt cheeks.

So if there’s no romance in this dram-rom-com, there must be some drama and comedy, right?  If you count sappy melodrama that soap opera actors could do better than Heigl and Duhamel, then sure, there’s drama.  And if you count Katherine Heigl having a big poop on her face, then there’s a minuscule shred of comedy.  But hey, speaking of poop, have you heard of “Life As We Know It?”  D / 



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