Anticlimax, or The Second Birthday

28 07 2011

Well, I had almost entirely forgotten about my blogoversary.  Unlike last year, when I celebrated it with fanfare and cake baking, this year the day just kind of came and went.  Unspectacular, uncelebrated, really just like any other day.

But that doesn’t mean this day isn’t significant.  I doubt that I thought I’d go this long when I started blogging back in 2009.  Two years is big because it’s the first milestone that I can kind of let roll off my back, and now that I’m at that point, I realize that blogging is just a part of who I am now.  It’s not just a fling or a half-baked idea; it’s actually a significant chunk of my life and my thoughts.

So in that case, I guess I have quite a few people to thank.  I guess the first (and cliched) place to start is with my family and friends, who either read what I write or put up with the fact that I do it.  I also have to thank all of you all who read this site, whether you are a blogger or normal moviegoer, blog surfer or Google surfer, and a commenter or just a regular reader.  I may notice your contribution through a comment, written or verbal, or perhaps just as a number on my stats page.  But both are equally crucial, and on those days when I’m feeling like I don’t want to write, they can really pick me up and keep me going.

I also have to thank everyone for not giving up on me after my three-month hiatus.  I’m slowly gaining those readers back, and I certainly hope that I’m earning them as well.  I know that taking a break like that means a loss of momentum, and I like to think I’m starting to pick it up again.  I can’t promise smooth sailing in the future as I don’t really know what college will bring for me, but I love writing this blog and feel a certain obligation to keep providing reviews and commentary for you all.

That’s about all I have to say.  I’m going to indulge myself in a little birthday fun now – watching a movie before I go to bed, that is.

P.S. – This trailer is awesome, happy birthday to me.



One response

30 07 2011

Congratulations on 2 years, man. Great stuff. And Ides of March looks incredible. What a cast!

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