REVIEW: Your Highness

11 10 2011

OK, don’t get me wrong, I can enjoy immature humor.  And I can be very amused and moved by James Franco.  And I love Danny McBride.  If you’ve read this site at all in the past year, then you know that I REALLY love Natalie Portman.  But man, oh man, did I hate “Your Highness!”

Every aspect of this movie reeks of an imbecilic juvenility, from the ridiculous high-concept to its poor execution.  The whole idea of the movie seems to have stemmed from McBride watching “A Knight’s Tale” when he was just a little too baked.  I’m sure with enough marijuana in your system, the idea of combining the raunchy comedy with the medieval epic sounded awesome.  Heck, it even sounded kind of funny in a synopsis and in a trailer.

But somewhere between McBride’s brain and my laptop screen, whatever connection “Your Highness” had to comedy was lost.  Instead, what I wasted $4 on iTunes for was a comedy in name only, something so void of laughter that I couldn’t even be amused or endeared by its ridiculous vulgarity.  The lack of effort put into the movie was apparent from the first scene when McBride broke his accent no less than five times, and the movie just continued to deteriorate from there.

I’m sorry, but Danny McBride just being Danny McBride isn’t funny; he needs a good script to make him that way.  I’m sorry, but James Franco playing dumb just doesn’t work when he’s done “Pineapple Express” already (and “127 Hours” too).  I’m sorry, but Natalie Portman, between this and “No Strings Attached” in 2011, should really just stay out of comedy altogether.  And I’m really sorry, Hollywood comedy gurus, but you can’t just whip out the phallus of a Minotaur for an easy laugh.  Believe it or not, you actually have to try.  Sorry to be the latest bearer of bad news.  D+ / 



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12 11 2011
Steven Flores

After the bad reviews of this film and the trailer for The Sitter, I wondered what happened to David Gordon Green? What happened to the guy that people said was one of the up-and-coming talents to emerge from indie films. The guy that Roger Ebert championed.

I’ll watch it when it comes on TV just to see how bad it is. I really hope Green returns to indie and more personal films so he wouldn’t be devoured by the Hollywood machine.

12 11 2011

Ha, Ebert championed him? That’s awkward … I haven’t seen his early indie work, but I might have to check it out now just to see how far he has apparently fallen.

14 11 2011

Well you know what regardless of what you say.. your artsy view on what is clearly a comedic take on men being men but within the realm of fantasy surely appauls. I along with many did enjoy that movie simply because
“WE CAN TAKE A F@&%$#%G JOKE!” seriously with every mock movie comes some snobby artsy reviewer including majority critics just to rip on movies…

Flat line.. Its a guys movie enjoyed by both sexes who have a sense of humour not an arty belief in soley dramatic movies. Comedy shouldnt be taken seriously EVER.

14 11 2011

Ok, but even on mock movie standards, “Your Highness” still SUCKS.

14 11 2011

Yeah, comedies have to try to be funny AND stupid, not just stupid. This movie worked for not a single second. Easily the worst comedy of 2011 thus far, unless we count “Zookeeper,” but we don’t.

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