1 03 2012

The fact that movies like “Gone” are allowed to be written, green-lit, financed, filmed, and released is shameful.  To call it a trite trifle is to do the flagrance of its unoriginality a disservice; I can think of few worse ways to spend 90 minutes of my life than watching this movie.  If this movie didn’t nab Amanda Seyfried, I would expect it to be in the $5 bin at a truck-stop stuffed below a dozen copies of “Pootie Tang.”

A girl goes missing?  Her sister (Seyfried) will stop at nothing to find her and the kidnapper?  That same sister is just as crazy as the criminal?  Please, no-name directors, leave stories like this to masters like Scorsese, who actually did something masterful with a similar plot in “Shutter Island.”  For once, I’d like Hollywood to stop belittling the work of true artists by doing half-baked carbon copies that border on outright plagiarism.

Moreover, it’s not just what they are doing that makes me mad, but it’s also how they are doing it.  PLEASE do not put a movie before paying audiences if you cannot come up with an ending.  Do not cop out and scrap together an open ending if you don’t have the decisiveness or intelligence to devise one.  Again, leave that to people with a vision.  Do not borrow their techniques to hide your own laziness.  C-



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