Because I Can-Cannes

14 05 2012

Well, folks, it’s been another good long absence because of school – but have no fear, because “Marshall and the Movies” is about to be back and better than ever.  I’m writing this post now from an apartment in Cannes, France.

Yes, hopefully you read between the lines there correctly.  I’m at the Cannes Film Festival.  Hopefully, I’ll see some incredible movies and maybe even a few celebrities!  But check back here constantly or on my Facebook fan page (shameless plug) for updates on anything I deem significant.  Pictures, reviews, and hopefully more will start heading your way when the festival officially starts on Wednesday, May 16th.

But since I write “Marshall and the Movies” not merely for myself but also for you, the readers, please strap along with me for this amazing ride.  Hopefully, I won’t disappoint!



4 responses

18 05 2012
Bonjour Tristesse

Cool. How hard is it for a blogger to get press access at Cannes?

18 05 2012

I don’t have press access … I found an internship through a company at Cannes and they have pretty wicked screening access.

22 05 2012

All I can say is congratulations, and great job keeping things covered so far. Now I just want all the movies you’ve seen to hit general release status so I can chat with you about them!

2 07 2012

Been awhile since I’ve stopped by but this is awesome man. Really enjoyed catching up on your coverage of the festival. Great stuff!

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