31 08 2013

I honestly refuse to believe “Miral” was directed by Julian Schnabel.  What part of this mess of a movie that becomes nearly unwatchable could have been helmed by the visionary directory who gave us the soaring, transcendent “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly?”  Someone please tell me who made this borderline unwatchable mess.

Gone is the style of that Academy Award-nominated beauty.  And I guess the heart, the narrative, and any sense of engagement went along with it.  The story of Miral, played by the gorgeous (and might I add talented) Freida Pinto, is one that lands without impact.  When I reread the Wikipedia summary of the film (because it was so bad that I can’t even remember what this movie was about), it could have sent a powerful message about love, education, empowerment, peace, or any number of important themes.  Instead, it just sloppily plods through events as Miral observes the devastation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The drama is terrible and was only minutely compelling when Vanessa Redgrave cameoed at the beginning.  If “Miral” is some kind of a political statement, it’s muddled and unclear.  I have no earthly idea what I was supposed to think or feel other than pure boredom.

I mean, this movie is not just forgettable the moment after you watch it.  “Miral” is forgettable as you watch it.  From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, Schnabel sure knows how to take his fans on a wild roller-coaster ride through his auteur’s journey.  C-1halfstars



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2 09 2013
Brittani Burnham

I’ve had this in my Netflix queue for over a year, and I’ve never gotten around to watching it. After reading this, I can see I’m not missing anything.

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