REVIEW: Incendies

2 10 2013

IncendiesIt’s hard for me to figure out which foreign films to see in any given year; that’s why I’m so glad for the Academy Awards to come along and give me a list of five must-sees.  From their five yearly nominees, I’ve discovered “A Separation,” “In a Better World,” “Waltz with Bashir,” “The Class,” “The Lives of Others,” and “Amelie,” among many others.

Occasionally, though, this list produces a few movies that I’d consider duds.  “Incendies” is one such movie.  Though wildly acclaimed, I found Denis Villeneuve’s movie to be rather dull and tedious.  I definitely saw aspects deserving of the praise they received, however.  For whatever reason, I was just in no mood to put up with the pacing of the film and its painstakingly deliberate plot.

And I’m willing to put up with the fact every once in a while, I’ll disagree with the Academy picks.  I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t like “Incendies” because on paper, it sounded like a movie totally in my wheelhouse.  Dead mother, mysterious will, two children left to fulfill its strange requests – sounds like the stuff of compelling drama!  Instead, I wasn’t operating on this movie’s wavelength from the get-go.  I was perpetually bored by it, and lord knows I tried to engage in it.

A part of me was seriously contemplating turning it off, but I kept watching just to see how it ended.  Maybe in a few years, I’ll watch it again to find what everyone else seemed to think was so special about “Incendies.”  C2stars



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