FEATURE: Can you identify a director by a music video?

29 09 2014

This week sees the long-awaited release of “Gone Girl,” the latest film by director David Fincher.  It’s become a bit of a habit among film lovers to lament that this modern master does not yet have an Oscar to his name – especially given that he came within arm’s reach back in 2010 with “The Social Network.”  (And to be honest, I’d rather him make a great movie than win an Academy Award.)

For those particularly interested in Fincher’s work, feel free to check out my “Fincherfest” series from 2010 where I reviewed all of his movies up to that point.

Yet while the holy grail of the film industry seems to elude Fincher, he is certainly not lacking in trophies for his mantlepiece.  At the MTV Video Music Awards (yes, the ceremony that gave us Miley’s twerkgate scandal), Fincher is the most rewarded director of all time with eight nominations and three wins.

He’s one of many current feature directors who also dabble in the music video form.  For Fincher, it allowed him to explore cinematic language and got his foot in the door in Hollywood.  Many directors, on the other hand, take music video projects once established as fun exercises.  Either way, some of the best and the brightest in the business have tried their hand in music videos.

But just from the conventions they use or the themes they explore, can you match a director to a music video?  I’ve put 10 below for you to watch and guess.  Click the link at the bottom of the post to be taken to a Facebook note with the answers.  (While you’re at it, go ahead and like the page too!)  Enjoy, and let me know how you do in the comments!


1. “Karma Police”

2. “Try”

3. “Circus”

4. “Praise You”

5. “21 Guns”

6. “Vogue”

7. “I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself” – don’t cheat and hit info!

8. “Under the Bridge”

9. “Bad”

10. “Crystalline” – don’t cheat and hit info!

When you’ve finished, click here to find out the answers!



3 responses

30 09 2014


1. Jonathan Glazer
2. P.T. Anderson
4. Spike Jonze & Roman Coppola
6. David Fincher
7. Sofia Coppola (you can’t get me on that)
8. Gus Van Sant
9. Martin Scorsese

30 09 2014

Nice work, you got all the big names! Just curious, did you know a lot of these coming in?

1 10 2014

Pretty much as I knew about their work as directors as I covered a few of them in my Auteurs series. The ones I didn’t get though I had to look and realized why I didn’t recognize them as I hadn’t seen those videos.

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