REVIEW: Labyrinth of Lies

3 05 2016

Labyrinth of LiesDid you like “Spotlight” for its investigative drama but want less of that detailed procedural stuff? Well, you’re in luck, because “Labyrinth of Lies” exists to fill your Diet “Spotlight” needs – and it gets bonus points for including one of the all-time prestige drama trump cards, the Holocaust!

It is easy to sense that director Giulio Ricciarelli desperately wants to make a movie that unravels the many layers of how Germany and its people moved past the Holocaust. Unfortunately, his script (co-written with Elisabeth Bartel) takes a rather shallow dive into the post-war climate and really only proffers two ideas as to how: shame or willful ignorance. Granted, both are valid explanations. But we have come to accept those as common sense. Dredge up this history, and audiences expect a little something more.

The story follows the quest of young, idealistic and naive German prosecutor Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling), who seeks to explore how certain Nazis evaded punishment after receiving a hot tip from a journalist. He buries himself in extensive party documents to find some shocking truths about the death camps. Too bad the film itself does not follow the cue of its protagonist; “Labyrinth of Lies” far too often mistakes the trees for the forest. C+2stars



2 responses

8 05 2016

I lol’d at “diet Spotlight.” I thought this film was pretty decent, it’s at least a different take on the token Holocaust films that come out every year, so I appreciated that.

8 05 2016

Hard to compete when “Son Of Saul” is around, though!

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