28 07 2020

Hello again! As is becoming tradition on July 28 over the past few years, I blow the dust off this old site and post a little something again. It’s hard to believe Marshall and the Movies started 11 years ago … and only TODAY did I find a typo in an early paragraph in my first post. How did no one tell me? How did I not catch it?

After a few years now, primarily since moving to New York, I’ve moved away from the daily writing model that used to prevail on this site during the heydays of 2009-2011 and, to a lesser extent, 2015-2017. But I’m actually back to doing that again thanks to the pandemic! It’s just not on this site, however. (For now!)

Just because I know there are still quite a few people who get email alerts when I post, I figure I’ll give another shout to my new email newsletter on Substack, The Distancer. Head over there for daily movie recommendations, along with other helpful (and sometimes fun) links, designed to keep you educated and empathetic through the era of social distancing … delivered straight to your inbox! It’s a fun time, and I’d love to have you following the next step of the wild, winding Marshall and the Movies journey.

All my love to everyone who’s been a part of this for over a decade now! Thanks for your readership, your support and more.

Until the next reel,



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