Random Factoid #447

18 10 2010

Yo soy un actor.

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, that translates to “I am an actor.”  Throughout high school, my main extra-curricular activity has been acting.  This weekend, I wrapped up my seventh show of high school – and I still have three more to go before I head off to college.  I’ve learned a lot from the movies when it comes to acting.  In angry moments on stage, I have often tried to channel Philip Seymour Hoffman.

But acting isn’t just imitation.  I wrote a definition paper on acting my sophomore year; my three main points were that acting is reacting, acting is being, and acting is doing.  There are all sorts of theories on acting, and I’m not incredibly well-versed in many of them.  I do know that being involved in acting so intensely over these four years has really given me an appreciation for the craft when I see it on screen.  Most of all, I think I notice when an actor truly realizes a character and brings it to vibrant life.

That being said, why doesn’t Kristen Stewart know all that?