REVIEW: Obsessed

7 09 2009

This summer, I discovered the beauty of the public library.  They have an extraordinary catalog of movies, and you can see all of them for free.  It has allowed me to see some very strange movies I wouldn’t have picked on my own, but more importantly, it has allowed me to shamelessly watch some of Hollywood’s big-budget movies without lining the pockets of the people who give them to us.  “Obsessed” falls into the latter category.  Unfortunately, I put it off for a little too long and had to pay a 20¢ late fee.  The only reason that I was genuinely willing to waste an hour and 45 minutes to watch this was Beyoncé and the promise of watching her in a cat fight with Ali Larter.  Before you call me shallow, just think of how seldom we get to see cat fights.  And even then, we never get them with such attractive females as Beyoncé or Ali Larter.

The plot is stale and incredibly predictable.  It clearly wants to provide thrills on the level of “Misery,” but Ali Larter is no Kathy Bates.  The first half slowly exposes us to Lisa’s (Larter) infatuation with her new boss Derek Charles (Idris Elba).  If you weren’t watching a movie called “Obsessed,” you might think it was just a young girl looking to move up the corporate ladder through seduction.  But we know there is some sinister motive, so it comes off as annoying prolonged foreplay before they can show us to the eerie parts.  The second half is genuinely disturbing as Lisa turns into a true stalker, but it could have been even more so had the filmmakers been willing to throw some fresh material into her role.  The movie unfortunately reduces Derek’s wife, Sharon (Beyoncé), to such a trivial role in the first half that it seems her only purpose in the movie was to make an angry call to Lisa and get in a giant cat fight.

In an era where we need to look no further than Facebook to find stalkers, “Obsessed” fails to take the topic to a creepy enough degree to matter.  It tries so hard to be “Misery” in the big city, but it lacks the acting chops and the script to come anywhere close.  If you do choose to watch this, try to get a big group together to watch it.  I think it is a movie designed to be viewed by a crowd atmosphere to enhance the crazy moments, especially the climactic fight scene.  C / 2stars